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The prank Craigslist post that causes a phone to ring off the hook. And a series of increasingly cruel capers by each woman that makes it extremely hard to empathize with either. Before long, family members are dragged into it and things get uncomfortably messy, leaving almost everyone involved smelling pretty bad. There are regular laughs, mainly cued by Abby’s cutting remarks, but it’s quickly wearying to watch so much nastiness. At the end of the first act, one faction engineers a stunt that — while staged wonderfully, with actors dangling in midair ผ้าปูที่นอน 5 ฟุต ราคา ถูก on wires and Lucy Mackinnon’s projection design coming into play — strains credulity so far as to push the proceedings into the realm of farce. Though interstitial dance numbers that feature the actors seemingly out of character do emphasize the stylized nature of this world, the play in other ways reaches for the naturalism implied by Ost’s detailed and highly functional set. Richard Prioleau, Nancy E. Carroll, Eric T. Miller, Annie Golden and Laura Latreille in "Ripcord." (Courtesy T. Charles Erickson/Huntington Theatre Company) When things take a hard turn for the maudlin, it feels like the playwright is being emotionally manipulative; when that beat turns out to be just a prelude to another “gotcha” moment, it simply means the bad-faith move serves different ends. By the time a newly introduced character reveals some of the backstory behind Abby’s emotional reserve, I was past rooting for either lady to win.

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